Valentín Pascual Winery

Family winery

We are a family winery that began its first steps in 1885, when Don Felipe Lagunilla San Martín, illustrious winemaker of Cenicero, began to produce his first wines.

Five generations later, we continue to maintain the traditional processing methods for all our wine, vermouth and mistela production.

We are one of the last wineries in La Rioja that continues to carry out the traditional treading of grapes from our own vineyards with bare feet and fermenting them in a stone lake and a cave of the fifteenth century in our hometown Cenicero.

Fotografías antiguas

Bodegas Valentín Pascual consists of two facilities to produce wine, vermouth and mistela, both located in Cenicero.

The oldest, the cave, located in the same plaza de España as Cenicero, is the one we use to produce our carbonic maceration wine, Valentín Pascual, with the traditional method of pressing the grapes by foot, fermentation in a stone lake and in century old vats of between 7,000 and 10,000 liters of capacity. A living museum of totally artisan wine production, as it was done in the past.

The other facility, located in Doctor Azcárraga 23, dates back to 1885. Don Felipe Lagunilla and Don José María Pascual used it for the commercialization of bulk wines by selling it in glass jars.

Bodegas Valentín Pascual
Bodegas Valentín Pascual

Don José María Pascual, the third generation of the family, installed a bottling machine in this winery that is still being used for the bottling of the cave wine.

At the same time, in 1964 he began to produce vermouth red Tyrolean, his son Valentín Pascual, also called “El último romántico”, following in his footsteps, obtained in 2016 the first artisan vermouth certified for its totally manual production.

Currently Valentín Pascual and his son José María Pascual maintain this legacy, adapting to the modern times with the elaboration of other novel products such as the tempranillo mistela red limited edition, and carrying out guided tours at the winery.

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